Vita et Veritas: 2nd Annual Pro-Life Conference at Yale

Vita et Veritas: Promoting a Culture of Life and Truth held their 2nd annual Pro-Life Conference at Yale on September 19-20, 2014.

“Vita et Veritas” aims to make the pro-life vision intelligible on college campuses. Too long have pro-life organizations on large liberal universities felt marginalized or condemned for a viewpoint that is hardly in vogue within society. But we know that the pro-life mission has truth at its back and with prompting and support, we are convinced that pro-life students will emerge to rally behind the cause that will restore American culture. Science and social science evidence has built up since the passage of Roe that stands radically against assumed benefits of abortion on demand. Legally, equality – the American tenet held dear by all – demands that the abortion industry be eradicated. Socially and economically, our generation is feeling the effects of the inverted population pyramid. Psychologically, the effects on women, whom abortion is supposedly liberating, are grim.  Now we will stand together as the united voice of America’s youth, liberating minds from the snare of lies and false promises promoted by the abortion industry.