2015 Student Leadership Seminar, “Integrity in Action,” June 11-14th

The Love and Fidelity Network’s Student Leadership Seminar is an intensive four-day workshop that focuses on connecting student leaders from across the country, equipping them with the practical skills needed for campus leadership, and training them in the arguments for marriage, family, and sexual integrity.
Seminar Speakers include:

Robert George, PhD, Princeton University
Mark Regnerus, PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Jennifer MarshallThe Heritage Foundation
R. R. Reno, Editor of First Things
Sherif Girgis, JD and PhD Candidate, Yale University and Princeton University
Ashley McGuire, Founder and Editor in Chief of AltCatholicah
David and Amber Lapp, Affiliate Scholars for the Institute for American Values
Brandon McGinley, AB, Princeton University, Former Anscombe Society President
Audrey Pollnow, AB, Princeton University, Former Anscombe Society President
Rachel Wagley, AB, Harvard University, Former True Love Revolution President

The Application Deadline is April 20.

To learn more about the seminar, and to apply, please click here.