Valentine’s Campaign Wrap-Up

We are happy to report that this year’s Valentine’s campaign was our most successful one yet! Students from over 30 schools across the country hung “Bring Dating Back” posters on their colleges and universities to spread positive messages about dating and relationships during Valentine’s week. Below are a few campaign highlights.

  • Student reactions to the campaign were very positive. Here are some of the things we heard:
    • “I think [the campaign] has helped us with our campus image and also made some people reflect on dating in their lives, which is a priceless thing.”
    • Students responded well to the campaign. The posters were appealing to all, and the message was direct while maintaining a positive approach.”
    • I saw many students engaging with the posters. They stopped to read all four, despite the fact that many people are usually blind to posters because they’re so common.”
  • The campaign was featured in news sources like The National Review, The College Fix, and Fathers For Good.
  • We reached nearly 40,000 people with the campaign on social media alone (this doesn’t count the thousands of students who saw the posters on campus!)

In addition to hanging posters, many groups hosted Valentine’s themed events throughout the week to encourage their peers to strive for real and authentic relationships.

The Anscombe Society at Catholic University of America organized a “50 Cents not 50 Shades” bake sale to speak out against the upcoming release of 50 Shades of Grey. They sold baked goods for 50 cents and are sending all of the proceeds to My Sister’s Place, a local shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Amor y Fidelidad, our student group at Panamerican University in Mexico, put together an entire week of events, calling it their “Amor es Servicio” (Love is Service) campaign. They hosted lectures with university professors, held film screenings and discussions, handed out chocolate and flowers and sponsored a Valentine’s Day Amor es Servicio contest!